Online paid marketing and ecommerce promotion is the ultimate magic wand

As a valued and valid practice, Online paid marketing and ecommerce promotion activities are one of the best approaches you can adopt. These service ranges are literally changing perceptions of innovative marketing all over the world. New technologies are erupting in this bandwagon and we at Monognya give you the assurance that we always strive to give you the leverage of the latest technologies in the realm of online paid marketing and ecommerce promotion solutions.

Online paid marketing strategies take the center stage because they broaden your reach to very specific demographic segments and also gives a strong push to the existing ROI of your business organization.

Online paid marketing services are like oxygen for your business ventures to be sure. These services get you noticed in the virtual space. They get you sales leads and they help you advertise your products or services in such a cool fashion that you can end up making quite a significant amount of profit figures at the fag end of the day. As a matter of fact, they happen to be closely related to the revenue generation process of your company or enterprise.

What we do for you

We, at Monognyasoftech, actually take care of a wide galore of paid online marketing activities. We have a significant command over a wide spectrum of online marketing podiums.

Hubspot marketing

Google Ads

Facebook ads


Marketing through Instagram

Mobile ads

Product listing ads

Display ads

Affiliate models


Content marketing

Benefits of paid online marketing

Now, you need to get a chance to understand the crucial benefits which we can offer you from our portal.

We bring you the edge of absolutely cost effective solutions.

Once we unleash our reach to different paid marketing portals, your virtual storefront will relate with a huge number of people who are genuinely interested in the service ranges you bring in.

It would become easier for you to track as well as measure your progress.

We will do our best to add a sense of personalization with your business brand.

By means of our value added efforts, we will make sure that your target audiences find reasons to form lasting rapport with your business website.

Add up the edge of power packed marketing with your business

Our service ranges are optimised to the core. Thus, they do create a win-win scenario for you once you decide to choose any of our packages. We will not only add power in your basic functions but will also ensure that you can sell your products and services through multiple channels.

Optimisation of the Meta Data

When you look deep under the skin, you will figure it out that we help you with the proportionate optimisation of the Meta Data. It eventually turns out to be a pretty big factor in the advancement of your website and the web business which you run.

Data analysis

It’s an age where you are breathing in an ambience full of big data. It’s big data which appears to be a highly important contributing factor in the growth of a business venture. At Monognya, we would like to help you with a flawless big data analysis in the easiest possible fashion. We will show you how you can alter this data into your core strength after you have gone through a proper as well as in depth analysis of the data.

When we actually plunge into a promotional activity for your website, we choose to be as particular as possible. We always ensure that your ads get placed on the best platforms only.

If you are really looking for impactful impressions through paid online marketing and ecommerce promotions, we can work alongside to give your organization the identity it seeks.