Digital Paper

As a concept, digital paper or magazine happens to be a unique one. If you consider the functions, then this one surely differs from a conventional digital paper. It can be considered a better version of the normal digital newspaper. Talking about this product, it should defined as a hybrid of print and web. It’s an upgraded version where you can tell a story with more inputs such as photos, infographic, videos etc. Thus, you can make a story more enjoyable and people can relate to it more easily. The product not only adds more value but actually provides multiple sources of information to the readers. Besides, there’s commercial value as well. Production cost of this digital paper or magazine would be quite less. What’s more, there will be options to add audio visual ads here, which is definitely an encouraging feature.

What is digital paper or magazine

Delivering a digital edition of your newspaper is easy. But there’s more to your ePaper than simply bridging the gap between online and print. Once you realize the true digital potential offered by an ePaper solution, you might see that it’s not just a publishing channel, but a business in its own right.

Digital publishing provides a platform for constantly improving and testing new grounds. From customizing design and UX features, to increasing ad revenue and broadening your reader base by acting on data, the ePaper helps you get the absolute most of your digital edition.

Why digital paper

  • Print is costly and needs lots of team effort to reach reader, but Digital paper easy to reach readers without any fail.
  • Its comfortable with any platform and any magazine with your same print look.
  • Readers satisfaction, can compete with social media which is big challenge for media house.
  • Same news more information.
  • There r no limitation of news quantity like print.
  • Its feel print version of paper or magazine, its not a PDF version of print, its digital version of paper.
  • In your digital new paper or magazine can interactive means pictures slider which is needs for story telling, video and you can add video also.
  • Interactive info graph can attract readers and its can poseable in PDF version.
Interactive Advertisement

Clickable ads enable you to track reader interaction with advertisers, providing a strong argument for the increased value of each individual ad.

Your ePaper is not just a digital replica. It’s a platform that allows a deeper understanding of reader behavior, giving you the opportunity to employ new types of content, based on user data. Finally, you are able to track, measure and analyze how readers engage with the newspaper.


It really is as easy as we claim. Finalize your newspaper layout, process and prepare content for serving articles in easy to read digital formats, upload – and we’ll take it from there.

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