Digital Magazine

Digital magazine is a futuristic approach from Monognya. It’s a highly enhanced digital version with tons of features and profuse quantity of infographics. This one is a kind of digital magazine like you have never ever experienced in your whole life.

To be precise, it’s a particular type of a magazine which has got proportionate quantity of pictures, infographic content as well as audio visual content. It’s an interactive magazine and that happens to be the new normal.

When an avid reader tries to read out a story in this magazine, he tends to be more interested in the content. There is a reason for it. While reading the story, the reader can take a quick look at the pictures, infographics and audio visuals at the same time. Thus, it really becomes interactive and the reader enjoying going through the story presented in multiple mediums.

Besides, this kind of a digital magazine will be no burden for the publishing houses. There’s no additional expense involved. However, the publishing house can make profits by allowing other business entities place audio visual ads on this platform.

It’s the infographic properties of the digital magazine which is the top draw. Technically speaking, it’s interactive infographic content that you are talking about. It is going to storm into the digital space as a new trend. So far, you have only come across infographic which is captivating yet static. However, we have brought in infographic content which dynamic and data enriched. You can choose to perform countless actions on the infographic element. You have the option to click, scroll, unfold, pan as well as zoom over the content.

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