Digital Book

Digital book from Monognya is a value driven initiative. It’s basically a concept to make online studies much easier. While utilizing the product, you will have the opportunity to learn from both online and offline audio visual tutorial content. As you refer to this unique gadget, you are actually getting the best technologies served on a platter. The best part is that it doesn’t necessitate you to be dependent on third party servers unlike an online class. Lessons and notes are well documented here making it safe for academic organizations and students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone across the globe, education system too are not sparer.

According to studies published in journals more than 91 percent of the world’s students are out of school in at least 188 countries. Education sector is facing unprecedented challenges and needs to adapt and find solutions to keep children motivated and in their route to learning.

How will the education sector and educators deal to overcome these challenges? How will children continue to learn, even as school, by necessity, becomes a digital space?

When the digital world is so up and active, why haven’t we thought of a Digital book.

Teachers at the country’s premier private schools are tech-savvy: most have access to the internet at home, as well as the other digital infrastructure required to craft and share course material.

What is a Digital book

1. Digital book is a compact solution for student and educational Institutes of all stature.

2. It allows educators to post chapter wise videos and connect with students through live videos as well. It also supports audio/video interaction.

3. Digital book also supports uploading of study material links, which helps to student gather more information about subject

4. Digital books are economical.

5. It allows online/offline sessions as well

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